Our teachers believe that children are explorers, and that we join them in their exploration through play. Our 4:1 student/teacher ratio allows us to connect with every child. We model enthusiasm, understanding, engagement, and creativity. 

543778_10151346995839316_245907495_nTammy Taylor, Owner

Tammy holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University and has been a childhood educator for over 22 years. She worked as a preschool teacher at Woodside Parents’ Nursery School for 6 years, as a special education preschool teacher for the Town of Portola Valley, and as an infant/toddler teacher for San Mateo’s Early Start program. Tammy began her career in the California public schools system, accumulating nine years as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher.
      Tammy was born and raised in upstate New York, where she was often found in the woods saving turtles and frogs from the elements.  She has a lifelong passion for the outdoors and an appreciation of the power of nature to educate.  Tammy is now mom to two boys. She knows the gifts, as well as the concerns, parents have about raising children in the fast paced Silicon Valley and is passionate about finding the right balance to ensure that children are socially and academically ready for Kindergarten.

IMG_2653Rachael Nepon, Director

Rachael received her B.A. in Education and French from Ursinus College, and M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in French from Yale University. At Yale, in addition to her studies and teaching, she consulted at the Center for Teaching and Learning, conducting instructional evaluations and classroom observations. Rachael has held K-12 teaching credentials in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and California, and keeps current with early childhood education research.
   As a child in rural Pennsylvania, Rachael found herself nearly always outdoors, playing with her siblings  or perched high up in a tree reading. Her memories of joyful outdoor exploration inspired her to send her own children to Grove Academy, and she was delighted to join the staff shortly thereafter. 


Sarah Schauer

Sarah is a lifelong native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Sarah graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in kinesiology. With her background in physical education, she specializes in teaching core strength and large and fine motor skills. After raising three children, Sarah turned her attention to early childhood education.
     For over a decade Sarah worked as a teacher at Woodside Parent Nursery School. As both a parent and teacher, Sarah has had a wealth of experience dealing with children with learning disabilities. Sarah constantly strives to improve herself and learn more, and is therefore involved in continuing ECE classes in order to better serve the needs of young learners.