Our Program

Grove Academy is a place for your child to learn and play in nature, to join our community, and to enjoy making connections: art, music, stories, experimenting, building and creating.
Grovecollage7Our play-based philosophy supports children as they explore their world. When children enter our school, both the teachers and the setting invite them to express themselves.

Every day, we play outside –– we splash in puddles, dig in our garden and build in our sandbox, gently re-home earthworms and banana slugs, swing through air both foggy and clear. Children explore through activities like painting, drawing, glue and scissors, play dough, blocks, construction materials, song, puzzles, and dramatic play. Individual and small group table time activities allow students to take developmentally appropriate steps toward reading, writing, and mathematics.

We respect children’s ideas and interests. As your children try new and familiar activities, warm and engaged teachers provide support. The teachers create space so that children develop both independence and relationships with one another.


We work to encourage the development of social and emotional learning. Teachers model and share how to listen to one another and to oneself, how to manage emotions, and how to communicate kindly and clearly. Friendships blossom, and children gain more and more confidence in themselves and one another.



9:00 –– Morning yawns, hang up back packs, say goodbyes to adults and hi to friends

9:30 –– Circle time. We welcome everyone and sing and do felt board stories and read books, etc. As attention spans grow, so does morning circle

9:45-10:45 –– Play play play

10:45 – 11:00 –– Bathroom and hand washing

11:00 –– Lunch (outside, unless weather is truly inclement)

11:00-12:00 –– Play and table time (we rotate small groups or individual children inside to sit at a table and do a little academic work with one of us during this hour)

12:00-12:45 –– Play in the Redwood Grove, with a lot of large motor play on our dome, hide and seek, structured and unstructured games, running, etc.

12:45 –– Songs in the Grove 

1:00 –– March up to get our bags and wait inside for adults while we listen to stories