We grew wheat! We had a springtime of laborious planting. We can't wait for our students to return to see what happened to their tiny seeds!

Women’s interests and skills in math and science can and should begin in preschool. 

Let us show you how we integrate math and science skills into our play with a lovely collection of seashells! Please check back in regularly as we put these shells to use in our curriculum! 

Today, we gave 2 girls a pile of shells. Some had holes in the top that could be put onto pipe cleaners for bracelets and others did not. Their job was to sort them into 2 piles, one pile with holes and the other without. The pile without holes, we put back in a bowl and the ones with holes, we planned to distribute to the rest of the class.

Girls tend learn better when lessons are put into a context of relationships. Read any of Carol Gilligan’s books (ex. In a Different Voice”) to understand this in more detail. The girls’ purpose in sorting the shells was to involve other children in the class in a way that created a social activity.