Play dough

So much to say about this play dough photo collage… We have been “studying” rainbows. The middle creation is from a teacher and was just left on the table at the beginning of school. Next to it was a bowl full of all different colors of play dough. The other photos are of creations that some students spontaneously made with no directions at all! These are 3 and 4 year old curricular “jumping off points” about (clockwise from upper left corner) baby siblings and/or tacos, hogging/sharing resources, how you move your hands differently to create worm shapes vs. spheres, emotions and facial expressions, body parts, swirling colors, badges of power and yes, even rainbow poop and nutrition. To find appropriate curriculum for preschoolers, we just have to set up the environment and supply the resources to allow the children to give us a glimpse of what is in their brains. What is already in their amazing little heads is from where the curriculum should come.12743489_1673783909546813_7443624843901725235_n

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